Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sarah Schmerler Blog: Pamela Schoenberg in Photograph Magazine

Contributor to Photograph Magazine, Sara Schmerler, talks about the Janurary/February issue featuring an interview with DNJ Gallery owner Pamela Schoenberg!

Photograph Magazine Cover: Pam Interview

Gotta love the cover of this month’s Photograph, to which I contribute. It’s an image by French photographer Denis Darzacq, courtesy of Laurence Miller gallery, as described by Lyle Rexer. On my end, I got to talk to a swell photo dealer, Pamela Mayers Schoenberg, her profile excerpt, below:

Want to get a job done? Ask a busy person. Contemporary photographers who have the good fortune to be represented in Los Angeles by Pamela Schoenberg know this old adage to be true. A multi-tasker by nature, Schoenberg has run a contemporary photography gallery since 2007 in West Hollywood, raised three young children, pursued her own career as a black-and-white documentary photographer (in sites ranging from Israel to South Central L.A.), and made it all look easy. Relatively. “I answer e-mails and do work for the gallery at 9 o’clock at night, after the kids go to bed,” Schoenberg says. Her day typically begins at the gallery at 10 am. “I have a subscription to most every photo art magazine there is, and I look through them an hour before bed; I flag things; I research them on the Internet later. I find artists I like.” While most gallerists (male or female) cave in to the pressure to keep family out of the foreground, Schoenberg hangs it on a banner on the front door. Her gallery’s name, dnj, actually represents the initials of the names of her three children: Dora, Nathan, and Joey, ages 11, 9 , and 5. Schoenberg grew up in the Orthodox Jewish section of Cincinnati called Amberly Village, and her religion continues to play an important role in her life. After getting two undergraduate degrees (one in history, the other in photography)…

Well, you can get the magazine in a gallery or at a newsstand, to find out more, if you’re so inclined. I was impressed with her honesty about her home life, her personal life.

Here’s an image from her current show by "Richard Gilles, called, “Signs of the Times.”

Richard Gilles, LAMAR 001
Richard Gilles, LAMAR 001, archival inkjet print, 21 x 48 inches

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