Saturday, December 4, 2010

Suzy Poling News

A big congratulations to dnj Gallery artist, Suzy Poling, for her solo exhibition at Queen's Nails Projects in Valencia San Francisco!

Curated by Julio Cesar Morales, "Zone Moduled" is a geometric catalog of myth, chemical experiments and light interferences. Poling’s static collage work combines layers of paint, silkscreens and metallic materials that explore minimalism as well as optical overloads. This show encompasses painted collages, photography, video and installations with glass screens, mirrors, refractive lenses and sound. Concepts of early Science Fiction imagery and ideas of “Future” are played out in two dimensional form and then into fourth dimensional form as light refraction and kinetic experiences occur. The trajectory of the work all stems from a similar place as the build of materials is just as important as the dilapidation. The idea of materialism blurs with consistent break down of object, landscape, chemicals, video interference and light projections.

Along with 20+ static pieces, multiples videos and projections will be obstructed by reflective lenses creating visual modulations, ever changing geometry and light synthesis. Suzy Poling is also Pod Blotz, an experimental sounds project lavished with tape manipulation, organ drone and electronics.

Poling_Zone 217

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