Thursday, June 16, 2011

Helen K. Garber News

dnj Gallery artist, Helen K. Garber, is putting her beloved "Miss Lucy" up for auction at Bergamot Station via the Santa Monica Auctions this Saturday and Sunday - June 18/19th 2011.

Miss Lucy_Helen K. Garber

Here is the link to her catalogue listing:

An unusual offering at the upcoming Santa Monica Auctions, Bergamot Station on June 18/19th is a functional object of art - the re-use of a 1955 Shasta 5th Wheel Trailer that was found stripped and abandoned in the forest in Idyllwild, CA by Venice artist, Helen K. Garber.

Ms. Garber got permission to remove the trailer from the local ranger station, had it towed down the mountain by Banning Discount RV, who then stored her for 6 months, repaired for her for travel and prepared her for her useful status as the first mixed media mobile projection hub.

Duce, the renowned graffiti writer who had collaborated with Helen on their Night View Collaboration the year before, created a 4-sided mural depicting the state of the US economy in 2010.

She was used for 3 installations as the center projection hub of Group SC 2009, An Intimate View of Southern CA, in collaboration with MINARC, Santa Monica and 50 fine art photographers who documented their own neighborhood in Southern CA over the course of the year. We projected their stories to rear view screens through 4 windows in Miss Lucy, one on each side. The screens were set 90 degrees from each other (see youtube video link below). The territory covered from San Diego to Palm Springs, North to San Ynez and all through LA County and Orange County too. for more info on the project. The projection equipment and slide shows are not included in this sale.

Miss Lucy traveled to Bergamot Station for Month of Photography's Opening Night 2010 and then later to Pershing Square to be the centerpiece of the Autumn Lights Festival, 2010.

To see her in action at the Autumn Lights Festival, please watch this short you tube video:

She would make an excellent outdoor sculpture, child's playroom or fantastic dog house for a loving home. The interior is stripped, and she locks securely, registered with the DMV, so she can also help out by storing or hauling things . She is truly a functional object of art.

Miss Lucy will be auctioned in the company of important work by prestigious artists such as Frank Gehry, Richard Avedon, Ed Moses, Larry Bell, Raymond Pettibon and Dennis Hopper.

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