Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Laura Parker's "Rotations & Rubbings" Series Reviewed in ArtScene

Congratulations to dnj Gallery artist, Laura Parker, for her recent review in ArtScene Magazine! "Rotations & Rubbings" is Laura Parker's second solo show at dnj Gallery and will run through July 16, 2011.

If you would like to see more of Laura's work in person, please stop by the gallery in Bergamot Station.


The two series of color photographs presented in Laura Parker's exhibition "Rotations and Rubbings" are made both with and without the camera. In the "Rotations" series Parker combines a projected image with a photogram so as to create a disconnect between the observable and the fabricated. Each image contained inside the circle is an abstracted landscape that is silhouetted against a black ground. The multiple panel works cascade up and down the wall, evoking the movement of the natural landscape. The "Rubbings" series consists of photographic abstractions made from rubbing the exposed and developed paper's surface, which exposes the colors underneath. Each of Parker's rubbings starts and ends as a circle that serves as a perfect complement to the “Rotations.” Both bodies of work explore what is possible when the real and the imagined are juxtaposed (dnj Gallery, Santa Monica).

Jody Zellen

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