Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Laura Parker featured in "Hidden Visions" Opening Friday June 8th

Hidden Visions
Laura Parker (US), Caleb Gharland (US), and Kristina Bengsston (SE)

The opening of 'Hidden Visions' at KONTORprojects is set for Friday the 8th of June in Copenhagen, Denmark

"Hidden Visions" is a study on the meditative world of photography, one quite forgotten at times. It is an
exhibition that aims to explore the crossover between our traditional view of photography, and one that is free of the (potential) restraints of a camera. Whether it be through photograms manipulated negatives, or projections,
there is an appealing nature to the study of how the
photograph can be pushed forward, beyond its traditional
state, into new perspectives, new methods, and, all the
while, getting an interesting look back at the world of photography.

KONTORprojects has the pleasure of showing three
photographic artists as part of the "Hidden Visions"
exhibition: Laura Parker, Caleb Charland, and Kristina
Bengtsson will all be showing their personal camera-less work.

The product of this is mechanical and organic, poised and accidental, meditative and simple, simultaneously.
Laura Parker sees the unseen, creates a world of lost
objects and perspectives. Caleb Charland visualizes
organisms as chemically manipulated, grotesquely
beautiful negatives. Kristina Bengtsson realizes the
miniscule individuality in found places, and forgotten
corners. Together they give us a vast, spanning view
of the world of the poetic, camera-less photography.

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