Saturday, March 8, 2014

OOMO Cube Now Open to the Public

The OOMO Cube is now open to the public.

The OOMO Cube is a new installation at JANM (Japanese American National Museum). The OOMO cube was created by artist Nicole Maloney, who will be featuring her work at dnj Gallery later this year. This large cube is made of a series of smaller, rotating cubes. Together the smaller cubes can form one portrait of an individual who represents different races, religions, socio-economic groups, and genders.  Each face of the smaller cubes have different photographic images which can be rotated to make a new portrait. On the one side of each of these smaller cubes is a mirror, which reflects the image of the viewer and participant who is rotating the cube.

OOMO stands for 'Out Of Many One'. OOMO is a new project going up across Los Angeles. The goal of OOMO is to remind everyone that they all belong to one world, one LA, and one humanity.


OOMO Banner, now up across L.A.

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