Thursday, June 19, 2014

Adaptations - New Exhibition at SCA Contemporary

Adaptations, a new exhibition at SCA Contemporary in Albuquerque, NM, showcases artwork about living with a serious disease, such as cancer. This group exhibition features work by Amy Cinkscales, Valerie Roybal, and Patrick Nagatani, who are artists and curators of the show. Adaptations opens Friday, June 20, and runs through August 24.

Opening reception:
5-8p, Fri., Jun. 20
524 Haines SW, 505.228.3749

An article from Albuquerque’s Intelligent Alternative by Katherine Oostman discusses this upcoming exhibition further:

"The single constant in life is that it changes. None know this better than the artists of the exhibit Adaptations. This collection showcases pieces inspired by the process of living with, and around, a detrimental disease such as cancer.

The project, put on by SCA Contemporary, combines the work of local and national artists presenting pieces of sculpture, painting, collage, mixed-media, photograph and installation art. It includes the work of Lea Anderson, Heidi Pollard, Patrick Nagatani, Leigh Anne Langwell, Tara Massarsky, Dana Burgy-Gautschi, Valerie Roybal, Amy Clinkscales, Linda Mae Tratechaud, Randi Ganulin, Andre Ruesch, Barbara Crawford and Carol Chase Bjerke. Together, these artists have created a space filled with expressions of grief, anger and bewilderment, but also compassion, understanding and camaraderie.

The original idea to create a space for art fueled by major illness came from Clinkscales, Roybal and Nagatani, artists and curators of the show. At first, they fondly referred to the project as “the disease show.” However, as Roybal faced her second diagnosis of stage-four cancer, she meditated on the process of continuing to live with a disease that would not go away."

You can read the full article here.

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