Thursday, September 18, 2014

Robert von Sternberg featured in the LA Times

dnj Gallery artist Robert von Sternberg has recently been featured in the LA Times. This article covers a current exhibition entitled Valley Vista: Art in the San Fernando Valley, ca. 1970-1990, which showcases the artwork of von Sternberg and other LA artists who were part of this overlooked art scene in LA's suburb.

Robert von Sternberg, Reseda Parking Lot, 1972, carbon ink print

"Partly annexed by Los Angeles in 1915, the Valley became known as "America's suburb" in the 1950s and '60s before morphing into what some perceived to be an urban dystopia of sagging strip malls and bland chain stores, reflecting the worst of L.A. — something that residents had tried to escape. Although pockets of the Valley were marginalized as blighted and beleaguered through the last 30 years of the 20th century, they nonetheless nurtured a thriving art scene.

"That scene has been overlooked by the city's major cultural institutions, Willick says — a fate cemented by its exclusion from the Getty's lauded Pacific Standard Time exhibitions, which told the story of the birth of the L.A. art scene from 1945 through 1980 via shows at more than 60 venues across Southern California. Though a few exhibitions did include the work of Valley artists, Willick says, none was about the Valley specifically."
-Jessica Gelt, LA Times

For the full LA Times article, please click here.

Robert von Sternberg, Hair Bubble, 1972, carbon ink print

Valley Vista: Art in the San Fernando Valley, ca. 1970-1990 is currently being held at the Cal State Northridge art galleries, and will run through October 11th. More information on this exhibition can be found here. For any inquiries regarding Robert von Sternberg's photographs, please contact us.

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