Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Suda House- Aperture Magazine

Suda is featured in the September issue of Aperture Magazine #232:

"Reviewing the catalog, one is struck by the variety of forms and subject matter, as well as the humor, the lively energy, and the insouciance of much of the work.  The exhibition contained everything from a Kienholz sculpture made from a salvaged car door, where a silk-screened print from a photograph, rather than glass, fills the window frame; a bundle of snapeshots tied together with a string like a stack of newspapers (George Blakely's A Cubic Foot of Photographs, 1978); abstracted image fragments of female body parts sourced from porn and printed on maxi pas (Suda House's Stay Free Series, 1976);" 
- Erin O'Toole
For the entire article see below:

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