Monday, October 29, 2018

Solo Exhibition - Catherine Asanov

"Lightness Through Dark"
October 22 - November 3, 2018

As a fashion photographer, it if often dismissed that there is a constant story to tell. I was captivated by the Badgley Mischka Fall/Winter Collection not only as beauty and elegance in fashion but as also seeing all the elements of art in fashion. The campaign not only begins to tell a story of the renowned designers Mark & James but also fashion as an art form. After seeing such an embellished and sophisticated collection, my vision for the campaign was inspired by Caravaggio.

Seeing his work around Europe and other Baroque period artists, I was able to bring painterly elements into the perfect setting of the Historic Chelsea Mansion in Long Island. Blending together a place of history that had a strong sense of mood, elegance and charm with European and Asian influences pulled me to see the collection come alive in “Lightness through Dark”- a celebration of Caravaggio-inspired glamour.

The plays on light and shadow as well as creating mysterious moments really began our story. Caravaggio himself used live models as a painter and found the profound nature of the human state, both physical and emotional. Juxtaposing and incorporating his rather harsh approach in his personal work to a very glamorous and luxurious setting makes this fashion story not just about the attire but rather about the mood and mystery.

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