Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DNJ Gallery featured on LENSCRATCH


Photo LA/Review LA 2010
Image by Eric Chuang, the rest badly photographed by me...


In case you are not familiar with Photo LA, it's a three day photographic art fair with galleries from all over the world under one roof. Each gallery has a booth space where they showcase and sell work from their artist rosters, giving us a window into what's selling and what's popular. Included are collecting seminars with photo experts such as Anthony Bannon from the George Eastman House and lectures by images makers such as David La Chapelle and Lynn Saville. In addition to Photo LA, there are lots of parties and openings at Los Angeles galleries and a second selling venue at the Michael Dawson Gallery featuring classic photographs. And finally, Center hosted a weekend of photographic reviews that took place steps away from Photo LA.

Photo LA was all about the black and white print. Booth after booth showed traditional and vintage imagery in smaller sizes, undoubtedly a reflection of a more conservative buying public. It appeared that photographs were selling, but the the age of the large color statement piece seemed to be absent (at least until the economy picks up). A few galleries were color centric, but none brought large scale prints.

Pamela Schoenberg, owner of DNJ Gallery, at Photo LA 2010

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