Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Helen K. Garber's "Group L.A." project at L.A. Art Show 2010

L.A. culture blog "Blackburn & Sweetzer" published a blog post about the "Group L.A." project featured at this year's L.A. Art Show. DNJ Gallery artist Helen K. Garber spearheaded the project. Great job, Helen!

"Arts - Helen K. Garber, Great Big Kisses, and Mounted 'Wabbits' at LA Art Show"

groupLA 2008 Project

(Text and photos by Christina von Messling)

I was strolling over the LA Art show yesterday, and just wanted to share a few of the things I saw there that I especially liked: First off, there was the groupLA 2008 Project, initiated and directed by photographer Helen K Garber: she asked participating photographers to portrait their part of town as they saw it. The images were presented on monitors (each neighborhood had their own), with the images changing continuously. The outcome is a very personal and insightful view of Los Angeles.

Also showcased was Helen’s 360° photograph of Los Angeles at night (covering an entire wall and then some). She had asked several well known graffiti artists to tag their part of the city on the photo with their signature, to actively make this artform part of the LA landscape.

The rest are simply pieces of art that caught my eye… (by the way, the giant Hershey kiss also smelled like Hershey, it was supposed to be a multi-sense experience).

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