Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lipsky's experience at the Lishui Int'l Photographic Culture Festival feat. on Lenscratch

dnj artist Clay Lipsky's experience at the 2013 Lishui International Photographic Culture Festival has been featured on Lenscratch. To read more about Clay's experiences and to see insider pictures from his trip, check out the Lenscratch article here.

"Several months ago curators Yan Li and Blue Mitchell invited a select group of photographers to exhibit at the 2013 Lishui International Photographic Culture Festival in China. This festival occurs every other year and is an event I was aware of as an array of American photographers have shown there in the past thanks to Yan Li.  For 2013 a much smaller group would be attending representing alternative process based works in a show called Unconventional Photography. It was an exciting opportunity for me as I had never been to China and quickly jumped at the chance. Consequently flights were booked, travel visas acquired and prints made, but it all still seemed like a dream based solely in emails and fantasy. It wasn’t until I was making a connecting flight in the Beijing airport, with portfolio in hand, where I encountered fellow photographer, Bill Vaccaro, when things finally began to feel real. Upon arrival in Wenzhou we were greeted at the airport by some smiling faces with warm greetings and the real adventure began..."  - Clay Lipsky in Lenscratch

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