Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cynthia Greig featured on Huffington Post

It's been a good week for dnj artist, Cynthia Greig! After just having her work reviewed in Beautiful Decay, Greig's photographs have also been reviewed on Huffintgon Post.

"[Cynthia Greig] creates what appear to be simple, black-and-white drawings of ordinary, if not a bit outdated, household objects. A non-portable telephone, a clunky camera, a rotating fan -- Greig finds her inspiration in objects that hover dangerously close to obsolescence. But what look like two-dimensional sketches are actually three-dimensional sculptures." - Huffington Post

More images of Cynthia Greig's work can be seen on her dnj artist page. If you would like to purchase a print by Greig, please contact us.

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