Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Featured Artist: Laura Parker

Featured Artist

For the month of February dnj Gallery is offering a 15% discount on photographs by dnj artist Laura Parker.

Laura Parker, Rotations (Collecting Pool),
2010, chromagenic monotype prints, installation of 5 panels, unique, 82" x 48"

Laura Parker, Naked Eye Objects (Aqua),
2007, digital c-print, 26" x 26"

Laura Parker examines time, structure and similar themes in relation to insight and observation. She explains that, "Photography, whether moving or still, inevitably leads to issues of perception. While we use a variety of devices to frame or study an object, the act of looking -eye movements- can be broken down into the intentional and the random.” She asks her viewer to question the concept of truth and its relationship to perceived reality.  And, in the end, Parker’s work is as much about its installation.  “From the planetary to the simple hollow of a bowl, I find myself attracted to the circle.”  In much of her work, a circle reveals no end and brings the viewer back to the beginning, and creates juxtapositions within the work.

Laura Parker is collected privately throughout California and the United States. She earned her BFA, Magna cum Laude from UCLA and her MFA from CalArts, Valencia, CA. Most recently, her work was on view at the Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco, the Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena and Kontor Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark. She currently lives and works in Pasadena.

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