Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Interview with Robert Hirsch on Transformational Imagemaking

dnj Gallery artists Darryl Curran and Todd Walker cited in interview with Robert Hirsch about his new book, Transformational Imagemaking: Handmade Photography Since 1960 (2014). 

Hirsch is celebrated in the world of photography as an educator, editor, bestselling author, contributing writer, artist, curator, Executive Director of CEPA Gallery, and a voice and documenter for the fine art contemporary photography movement of the 1960s.  In an excerpt (below) of his interview, he highlights Curran and Walker as photographers who collaborated with and influenced other well-known photographers working at the time.

"After Robert Heinecken, there’s Darryl Curran. Curran was a student of Heinecken’s and became his teaching assistant. Then Curran became a teacher and went on to influence a whole generation of students. There were all kinds of connections like this. After Curran, there’s Todd Walker. Walker was teaching at the Arts Center in LA and he ended up teaching with Heinecken, and then with Jerry Uelsmann and Douglas Prince, who are also in the book. Prince taught with Jerry Uelsmann for a number of years. There were numerous examples of such synchronicity of people and places coming together." 

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