Thursday, August 14, 2014

dnj Gallery Listed on Artnet's Must-See Art Guide to LA

dnj Gallery's current exhibition, The Faces of America, was listed on Artnet's guide for this week's "Must-See Art" in LA.

"With its countless cultural landmarks and artistic hot spots, America’s second-largest city delivers on its reputation as the creative capital of the world. This week’s shows are all about photography, so if you find yourself in sunny LA during the month of August, and want to swap the selfies for some seriously powerful pictures, don’t miss these must-see events. Japan is in the spotlight, with curated exhibitions at Fahey/Klein Gallery and the Getty, each exploring the aesthetics of modern Japan. In addition, the Japanese American National Museum has a special show focusing on the life of Japanese Americans during World War II. You can also keep it local with Made in L.A. 2014 at the Hammer Museum, or Driving Craig Krull Gallery, a show whose theme will feel very familiar to anyone who has navigated the city’s infamously congested freeways. There is also The Faces of America at dnj Gallery, a survey of the cultural and environmental elements that shape national identity. Or Allan Sekula: Ship of Fools at Christopher Grimes Gallery, which documents the process of adapting a cargo vessel for a multimedia exhibition site. A more experimental experience can be had at Wild Nights at Boîte Noire Gallery and Soft Target at M+B, Whatever your artistic inclinations, be sure to check out these exciting exhibitions."

The Faces of America will be on display through Friday, August 29. For more information, please refer to our website.

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