Thursday, August 21, 2014

El Hurgador Blog features Judy Dater and her portraits of photographers

Javier Fuentes, "The Spanish Art Blogger," recently dedicated a post to Judy Dater and her various portraits of notable photographers taken during the 1970's. Fuentes's bilingual Spanish and English blog, El Hurgador [Arte en la Red], is dedicated to sharing information about art, artists, art events, and anything related to the art world.

Javier Fuentes's full post on Dater's portraits can be seen here.

Judy Dater
Autorretrato / Self Portrait, "La Maga / The Magician", 1981 © Judy Dater

In June this year I published a post dedicated to the remarkable American photographer Judy Dater. While I was selecting pictures, I noticed that during the decade of 1970, Judy portrayed a number of notable photographers. All her photographs are really good. I'll dedicate two posts to this collection of portraits, which will serve me well to provide some information and present some of their works.

André Kertész, 1979 © Judy Dater

Brett Weston, 1978 © Judy Dater

Brassaï, 1973 © Judy Dater

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