Thursday, August 14, 2008

Michael Eastman Featured in LIfestyle Magazine

DNJ artist, Michael Eastman was featured in California's Lifestyle Magazine in the July 2008 issue. View the article here.


Everything Must Go! by Aaron Collins

A caption reads: Disconcerting dark skies frequently overshadow comforting images of a quaint America fading into history in Michael Eastman's Vanishing America, including this image shot in San Luis Obispo entitled Fremont, part of a solo show on view at DNJ Gallery.

The show is now closed, however Eastman's work is still available. Please contact the gallery for more info.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Contemporary Photography from China in LA Times Article

DNJ Gallery's exhibit: Contemporary Photography from China is featured in this weekend's Los Angeles Times Arts & Culture section. Pick up a copy or read the article here .


A Witness to Transformation
Sunday, August 3, 2008

By Suzanne Muchnic

"Southern California is fertile territory for young artists from China. Along with the Hammer show, DNJ Gallery, a relatively new space on La Brea Avenue, offers "Contemporary Photography From China." DF2, a West Hollywood gallery that specializes in Chinese contemporary art, has "Shine Upon Me," a show of color photographs from Jiang Zhi's "Light Series." Morono Kiang Gallery, in downtown L.A., is showing paintings by Li Yan that link Chinese sports and politics. At UC Riverside's Sweeney Art Gallery is "Absurd Recreation," composed of nine artists' playful explorations of a country in overdrive.

What young artists are doing is another story, as the Southern California exhibitions reveal. The photographers at DNJ Gallery shoot pictures of people riding on trains and bicycles, panoramas of city streets, portraits of miners, dwellings in an ancient farming community. "As the culture changes, you see the subject matter changing," Elaine says. "You see what is really real and what's happening."