Friday, June 7, 2013

dnj Artist Cynthia Greig exhibiting in Germany at Bildkultur Galerie

"Cynthia Greig’s latest work White3 closely examines the changing landscape of the contemporary art world, mapping its physical territories from the vantage point of a forensic minimalist. Merging the microscopic with the macroscopic, her photographs reimagine the physical space of the white cube as a cultural landscape to be surveyed: individual gallery “horizons” connect to a continuum of others, miniature archaeological sites display the accumulations of nameless detritus from past and present exhibitions and the “topographies” of the gallery’s surfaces both exhibit and conceal the specific marks and evidence of its history.

Aligned with the conceptualist practices that informed Robert Rauschenberg’s white paintings and John Cage’s experiments in silence, the photographs meditate on the idea of nothingness from within the unlikely context of exhibition display and art itself. Greig breaks down the physical elements of the contemporary exhibition space to its observable DNA, demystifying the construct of an idealized and authoritative space and democratizing the hierarchies of branding.

Cynthia Greig lives and works in metro Detroit. Her photographs and videos have been exhibited in the US and abroad, and are held in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Light Work, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Smith College Museum of Art, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, Coleçao Arte 21, Wellington Management Collection, ABN-Amro Collection among others. For more information please visit"

Thursday, June 6, 2013