Saturday, June 15, 2019

dnj Gallery Artist -- Melanie Walker

Melanie Walker was recently featured in The Magazine, which covers contemporary  arts and culture in Santa Fe and New Mexico, in their Photography Portfolio section.

Walker discusses her most recent project, Song for My Father: A Posthumous Collaboration, "a photo-based project rooted in the archives of her father Todd Walker’s 1950s career as an advertisement photographer". 

This project was shown in the dnj Gallery exhibition "Progression". The pieces can be seen upon request at the gallery.

Read the article here

Monday, June 3, 2019

dnj Gallery exhibition -- "Development"

"Dilettante" Review

Conatus II, 2019

Alice in Wonderland, 2013

Lunch Date with Mike Bailey Gates I, 2013

Diana, 1986

These dnj Gallery artists are exhibited in "Development" through July 6.

"The eponymous Development at dnj Gallery showcases clear artistic growth by the each of the exhibiting artists. The simplest demarcation of evolution in artistry is change as opposed to repeating a successful note over and over until the key breaks. Often times growth in itself is a challenge for artists who, upon finding their voice, lose the daring and impetus for new melodies. Genuine art is not concerned with evanescent anxieties which may sink the songs of novel and timeless beauty that are possible to be created in every phase of life. And this exhibition gladly demonstrates such courage to create."  
by Joseph A. Hazani