Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Opening Reception: Up For Interpretation

Up For Interpretation
Milken Community Photography Students

Milken Community School's Photography Department nurtures and cultivates unique qualities of each student in order to discover their creative abilities. Students are exposed to a new way of artistic thinking through a visual world of expression and interpretation. Students learn visual communication skills in an inspiring environment, under the guidance of teachers and artists. Eight student artists from Milken Community Schools were inspired by Pamela Mayers-Schoenberg’s exhibition When Did it Stop Being Fun? – a closer look at the expectations and burdens of formal education. In their upcoming show at dnj Gallery Up For Interpretation they have interpreted the concept in multiple ways, presenting a prismatic approach to communicating their individual stories: from conveying the difficulty students face balancing schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and impossible expectations to an existential search for beauty within fragmented chaos. At Milken the students explore a wide variety of media while learning self-discipline, critical thinking, and decision making. Art history, culture, and Judaic imagery are woven into the curriculum. The students’ perceptions of the world are challenged and enriched as they explore their identity through the creative process.

Exhibition runs thru March 25, 2017