Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Eminent Domain Exhibition

dnj Gallery artist LA Marler to be featured in NYC's Eminent Domain Exhibition

SHE is the new Buddha2018
Print is archival inks on canvas, unframed
40 x 50 inches

“SHE is the new Buddha"

This mixed media artwork is photography based. I took the photos in Maui (while celebrating my parents’ 50th anniversary) and digitally collaged them. It is printed using ultrachrome archival inks on canvas stock. This creates a final image that textured and flexible. Then the photo collage print is hand-painted with acrylics for a unique art piece. Ramon builds the frame and stretches the canvas. 

Buddha’s eyes are #rainbows with ultra violet light flooding through.

The Holy Ghost is symbolically at her third eye.

She gently holds the powerful swordfish on it back as a reminder of infinite wisdom and balance that are always in play.

Lovely pink flowers hanging from Hawaiian trees grace the heroine! BTW Heroine became a negative over a drug that blames women for the problem!

Swordfish pattern is an original photograph that I created a mandala-style pattern to symbolize flow and force of unseen energy in the air.