Friday, March 21, 2014

Clay Lipsky at Arena 1 in Santa Monica

dnj represented artist, Clay Lipsky, has been included in a recent exhibition, "Alternate Realities,"at Arena 1 (a project of Santa Monica Art Studios). Four of Lipsky's photographs from his In Dark Light series are currently being shown in this exhibition.

Alternate Realities will run through March 29, 2014.
Arena 1
3026 Airport Ave,
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Surface Tension, 2012, digital c-print
On Shadowed Plain, 2012, digital c-print

For more information or interest regarding Clay Lipsky's In Dark Light series, please contact us.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Buzz Spector in collaboration with students from the Myers School of Art

This exhibition is a collaboration between the University Libraries, The Center for the History of Psychology, Akron Printmaking Enthusiasts, the Synapse Art and Science series, and students in intermediate drawing at the Myers School of Art.

The subject of the exhibition, at the Bierce Library Lobby, University Libraries, is the relationship between books, memory, and perception.  Books are repositories of knowledge, opinions, culture, and memory.  Students in the exhibition were asked to respond to the content and alter books donated from The Center for the History of Psychology.  In their process students responded to the collection of testing devices for a wide variety of memory and perceptual experiments, some are on display in the exhibition, and are also from The Center for the History of Psychology.

Buzz Spector is an internationally recognized artist and critical writer.  Spector works in a wide range of mediums including sculpture, photography, printmaking, book arts, and installation.  His work makes frequent use of the book, both as a subject and as object, and concerns the relationships among public history, individual memory, and perception.  Spector’s installation is exhibited in conjunction with the student projects.

The recipient of several awards and fellowships, Spector was honored with a College Art Association Distinguished Teaching of Art Award (2013), an Artist's Fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts (2005), a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award (1991), a Visual Artist's Fellowship from the Illinois Arts Council (1988) and three fellowship awards from the National Endowment for the Arts (1991, 1985 and 1982).


Buzz Spector in collaboration with students from the Myers School of Art
March 12 – April 18, 2014
Bierce Library Lobby
University Libraries
302 Buchtel Common
University of Akron
Akron, Ohio 44325

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Queen Victoria & Photography at the Getty

One of the Getty's current exhibitions, A Royal Passion: Queen Victoria and Photography features photographs both of the Queen, the royal family, and images that played an important role during her reign. With photography being a new invention to the era and making a drastic impact on how people viewed the world - including what images were to become symbols of royalty, politics, industrial development, and war - the photographs taken during this time had a fundamental role in establishing the importance of photography.

"In 1839, just two years after Victoria became queen of Great Britain and Ireland, the medium of photography was announced to the world. This exhibition explores the relationship between the new art form and the queen, whose passion for collecting photographs began in the 1840s. On display are rare daguerreotypes, private portraits of the Royal Family, and a selection of prints by early masters of photography. 

Over the course of her long reign, the queen was photographed as loving mother, devoted wife, grieving widow, and powerful sovereign. She was the first British monarch to have her life fully recorded by the camera, and her portraits became emblematic of an entire age. "

You can also learn more about Queen Victoria and her passion for photography here.

This exhibition will be on view at The Getty Center through June 8, 2014.

The Prince and the Queen, 1854, Roger Fenton, salted paper print, hand-colored. Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2013

Nelson's Column under Construction in Trafalgar Square, London, April 1844, William Henry Fox Talbot, salted paper print from a paper negative. The J. Paul Getty Museum

Valley of the Shadow of Death, April 23, 1855, Roger Fenton, salted paper print.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Party of Eight! - Alain Laboile featured on The Daily Mail

dnj artist, Alain Laboile, has been featured on the UK news site, The Daily Mail. This feature briefly discusses Alain's work, his process, and shares more of his magical images. See the full feature here.

Alain Laboile, Au Placard, digital pigment print, 16 x 16 or 30 x 30 inches

Alain Laboile, Dune, digital pigment print, 16 x 20 or 30 x 40 inches

For questions regarding the purchase of a Laboile photograph, please contact us.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Opening Reception for Dan Shepherd & Allan Gill

Last weekend dnj Gallery held our opening reception for Dan Shepherd's Blinded by Science: Alaska/California Collection and Allan Gill's Xradiography. Both exhibitions feature photographs that explore connecting themes between science and art. With years of training in their respective disciplines, both artists used their scientific knowledge as inspiration for each series, resulting in two different photographic perspectives on the natural world.

Both Blinded by Science: Alaska/California Collection and Xradiography will be on display until April 26, 2014. Please contact us for more information on these two exhibitions, or see dnj's webpage regarding current events.



Thursday, March 13, 2014

14 Female Photographers You Should Know

In a recent post, PhotoShelter has listed 14 female photographers that everyone should know. The blog article begins by openly admitting that, "professional photography has been historically dominated by men,"and goes on to list 14 female photographers whose work you should be familiar with. 

Topping the list is fine art photographer Holly Andres, whose most famous works are photographic narratives exploring themes of childhood in a cinematic style. Holly Andres is currently an available collected artist at dnj Gallery. 

The following works by Andres are available at dnj Gallery. Please contact us for more information.

Holly Andres, The Golden Pillow, 2008, digital c-print, 20 x 25 inches, ed. 4/12
Holly Andres, The Pink Chair, 2008, digital c-print, 20 x 25 inches, ed. 5/12
Holly Andres, The Ruby Ring, 2008, digital c-print, 20 x 25 inches, ed. 2/12
Holly Andres, The Red Purse, 2008, digital c-print, 20 x 25 inches, ed. 6/12
Holly Andres, Outside the Forbidden Bedroom, 2008, digital c-print, 20 x 25 inches, ed. 4/12

Saturday, March 8, 2014

OOMO Cube Now Open to the Public

The OOMO Cube is now open to the public.

The OOMO Cube is a new installation at JANM (Japanese American National Museum). The OOMO cube was created by artist Nicole Maloney, who will be featuring her work at dnj Gallery later this year. This large cube is made of a series of smaller, rotating cubes. Together the smaller cubes can form one portrait of an individual who represents different races, religions, socio-economic groups, and genders.  Each face of the smaller cubes have different photographic images which can be rotated to make a new portrait. On the one side of each of these smaller cubes is a mirror, which reflects the image of the viewer and participant who is rotating the cube.

OOMO stands for 'Out Of Many One'. OOMO is a new project going up across Los Angeles. The goal of OOMO is to remind everyone that they all belong to one world, one LA, and one humanity.


OOMO Banner, now up across L.A.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Alain Laboile featured on Huffington Post

dnj artist Alain Laboile has recently been featured on Huffington Post! See the full article here.

Alain Laboile, Le Cirque, 2011, archival pigment print

Alain Laboile, Kika, 2011, archival pigment print

For more information or for inquiries to purchase a print, please contact us.