Monday, March 25, 2019

dnj Gallery exhibition Opening Reception

Featuring: Sia Aryai, Ray Carofano, Dylan Vitone, and Melanie Walker

“Progression” is designed to show the conceptual character of dnj Gallery artists.  The pieces are based upon certain notions and ideas.  Art is an outlet for innovation and reflection.  The different series are an alternate way to show their views.  As a continuation of the previous exhibitions, since September, these artists’ thoughts and beliefs, or fundamental ideas are revealed in a gradual advancement of their artwork through the years.  

Exhibition runs through May 11th

Sunday, March 24, 2019

dnj Gallery artist Melanie Walker

"Whichcraft", a group exhibition including photographic pieces by dnj Gallery artist Melanie Walker at the University of Colorado, Denver, Next Stage Gallery.

"Whichcraft" features thoughtful compositions that defy boundaries of traditional expectations for photographic bodies of work and challenges notion of what defines an image.  To practice "Whichcraft" is to alter the nature of reality through engagement with curiosity and the magic of photography.

April 4 - April 27

Next Stage Gallery
14000 Curtis Street
Denver Performing Arts Complex
College of Arts & Media

dnj Gallery artist --Ellen Cantor @ PhotovilleLA

dnj Gallery artist Ellen Cantor exhibiting at PhotovilleLA with 
LACP at the Annenberg.