Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Mei Xian Qui Art Talk via ZOOM

You are invited to my Art Talk via ZOOM
Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

"Mei Xian Qui draws from her personal history to reconstruct the unknown, fantastical notions of culture, self-invented and revelatory and iconic. This type of flexible self-view and easy piercings of notions of the impermeable interior self, are in keeping with the new contemporary landscape of commonplace transience and a growing global monoculture."

Make sure to register at least a day before via EventBrite link:

(The Parade / All images are courtesy of dnj Gallery)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

dnj Gallery -- artist Ellen Cantor

"Mothers and Daughters"

“Life doesn’t come with manual, it comes with a Mother” --Unknown

*Edition of 20. 
$250 for the 1st 10 books, which includes a 5"x7" print.
$150 for the 2nd 10 books.
 All books are signed by the artist Ellen Cantor. 

(All books are handmade
and include 10- 3X5 photographs from her 
2  series)

40% of all proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Food Forward.

"After finding a poem that described the unique relationship between Mothers and daughters, I started this book as a labor of love to honor my extraordinary Mom and my exceptional daughters.

Another prompt for this handmade book is my series, “VISUAL DNA…the language of photographs” at dnj Gallery, Santa Monica. Using family vintage photographs, this series suggests the passing of time and the fading nature of memory. The images challenge us to “read” and interpret a photograph filling in the visual language and context as best we can.

The final impetus for this book was a class in bookmaking I took at The Los Angeles Center of Photography. Combining images from my series ‘VISUAL DNA…the language of photographs” and “Family” with techniques I learned in the class, I created a hand-made book that celebrates the unique relationship between the generations. Each photograph is from my family archives and expresses the memorable link between not only Mothers and Daughters, but also Grandmothers.

I designed and printed the book myself and it is hand-stitched. There are two different options for the cover.

Making this book has been a creative challenge during this period of Covid 19. It reminds us that although we may not be able to see each other in person, family bonds are still strong."

**Please mark your calendar and join Ellen Cantor on Zoom, 
Mother's Day, Sunday, May 10th at 12pm 
as we discuss her latest book and her two adjoining series, "VISUAL DNA...the Language of Photographs" and "Family". The discussion will be joined by dnj Gallery Director Pamela Schoenberg, and led by Shana Nys Dambrot of LA Weekly.  
LACP (The Los Angeles Center for Photography) will co-sponsor this program.

RSVP to and we will send you the Zoom link.

dnj Gallery Artist -- Dylan Vitone


MoonArk will be a philosophical mini-museum, left on the moon for future explorers to discover.

"Earth is giving a gift to the moon that will land on the lunar surface next year.
The nine-ounce MoonArk -- a tiny time capsule-esque artifact of humanity -- will be attached to a small lunar rover. This is in the hopes that one day it may be picked up by lunar explorers -- hundreds or thousands of years in the future."

"There's a stunning visual of the FOXP2 genome structure, the gene that allows songbirds to make songs and humans to put words in order, said Dylan Vitone, professor of photography at CMU. The "out of Africa" concept explaining the spread of humanity is given a modern update, showing the light population and density over Egypt. It represents the growth of light and electrification to show the spread of humanity from the fertile crescent..." - Ashley Strickland, CNN

Read more here.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

dnj Gallery Artist -- Sia Aryai

Griffith Park, 2016
Archival pigment print on
Hand-painted water-color paper


Griffith Park, 2016
Archival pigment print on
Hand-painted water-color paper

Griffith Park, 2016
Archival pigment print on
Hand-painted water-color paper

Griffith Park, 2016
Archival pigment print on
Hand-painted water-color paper

Griffith Park, 2016
Archival pigment print on
Hand-painted water-color paper


Griffith Park, 2016
Archival pigment print on
Hand-painted water-color paper


Griffith Park, 2016
Archival pigment print on
Hand-painted water-color paper


Griffith Park, 2016
Archival pigment print on
Hand-painted water-color paper

Sia Aryai defines beauty in his pieces. As he explains, “[t]his is the moment -- today, tomorrow or yesterday -- when innocence opens a window to eternity.” Aryai prints on painted, water-color paper to begin his aesthetic. But even though his images present the color, the shape and other outward features, it is the personality and spirit, the gestures and passion, and the overall inward sentiments that are apparent. Aryai causes us to witness the actual soul and humanity, a timeless quality, and stresses that there is more to see than ones’ first glance. In describing Aryai’s pieces, Gil Garcetti remarked, “we who love the magic of photographs are compelled to own and display photographs- photographs that somehow stop us, linger with us, emote feelings unique in our daily lives, and demand that we thank the artist.”

Thursday, April 2, 2020

dnj Gallery artist Janna Ireland

Exhibition feature in:

Janna Ireland, Estate, If Everything is an Outrage

"Varied and rich, the Binder of Women refers to the name of a collective inspired to launch in 2017 and name their group of artists offer a 2012 debate comment by then-candidate Mitt Romney. It refers to both his comment and a meme that arose from it, in which Romney said he relied on “binders full of women” given to him by women’s groups as his way to handle pay disparity between the sexes.

Eleven artists from the collective present work in this terrific exhibition, which is filled with a wide range of mediums, styles, and subjects. By creating their own “binder” they are handling a different disparity – in artistic representation. Each work is strong. Exhibiting artists include Michelle Blade, Yasmine Diaz, Rema Ghuloum, Janna Ireland, Kysa Johnson, Galia Linn, Bruna Massadas, Sarana Mehra, Erin Morrison, Julia Schwartz, and Ginger Wolfe-Suarez.

Janna Ireland’s vividly colorful C-Print work of citrus, flowers, and children is visually as juicy as the fruit; while Galia Linn’s painted broken kiln shelves and glazed stoneware, from her “Untitled” Intentions Series, is as compelling as her other sculptural stoneware works in this show, each surreal and involving.

All of the artists’ work is well worth exploring – this is one “binder” that must be kept open..." 
- Genie Davis
More here.

(This exhibition runs from February 8 to March 21, 2020)

*The work of Janna Ireland was presented in the dnj Gallery exhibition:  "Awareness

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Opening Reception: Dinesh Boaz, Ellen Cantor and Sarah Hadley

Thank you to all who attended the opening reception for Dinesh Boaz, Ellen Cantor and Sarah Hadley. The three solo exhibitions explore the human experience through the lens of nature, femininity and family.

Dinesh Boaz
"Within the Lines"

Sarah Hadley

Ellen Cantor
"Visual DNA...the Language of Photographs"

The show is on display until April 18th.

dnj Gallery Artist Dinesh Boaz

Learn a little bit more about our exhibiting artist, Dinesh Boaz. See his series, "Within the Lines" on display at dnj from March 7th to April 18th.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Path of Darryl Curran: from the 1960s - the present (Origins of Conceptual Photography)

Photographer: Dustin Shepard

Thank you to all who attended the closing show for the retrospective of Darryl Curran. Over 100 attendees came to the exhibit to swap stories, see the work and celebrate the trailblazing career of Darryl. It was an amazing event and we appreciate each and every one of you who came to dnj Gallery to show your support.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Schedule: The Path of Darryl Curran: from the 1960s – the present (and the Origins of Conceptual Photography)


Saturday, February 29th, 2020:  1-3pm
Programming begins at 1 pm with an open conversation titled as Paths Converge. Participants will be guided by a panel of Eileen Cowin, Suda House and Robert Von Sternberg, and after brief introductions, everyone will have a chance to tell their story of how their path converged with Darryl Curran.

Saturday, February 29th, 2020
Light Refreshments ... 
Time: 3-5PM

Friday, February 21, 2020

"The Path of Darryl Curran: from the 1960s - the Present" - Conversation between Darryl Curran and Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph and Darryl Curran, Senior VP of Freestyle Photographic Supplies, spoke about the innovative work coming from Southern California universities in the 1970s and Darryl’s influence on conceptual photography as both an artist and an educator. Darryl showed some inkjet prints from that period and talked about the experimental nature of his work. 


Thursday, February 20, 2020

"The Path of Darryl Curran: from the 1960s - the present" - Keynote Speaker: Chris Abbe

Keynote Speaker: Chris Abbe -- from Nash Editions
Abbe spoke about the start of Curran's career and his photographic processes. Together with Curran, they touched upon the advancements at Nash Editions and the IRIS 3047 graphics printer. Abbe, a former student of Curran's, also spoke about the influence Darryl had on her own work and his influence on Southern California conceptual photography as a whole.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

dnj Gallery artist Robert von Sternberg and The Museum Project

The Museum Project from elaine vedette tack on Vimeo.

Over eight million dollars of photographic artwork was donated as part of the Museum Project. Spearheaded by Robert Von Sternberg, and included dnj artists Darryl Curran and Suda House, Jane O'Neal, Michael Stone, Rena Small and Bonnie Schiffman -- the project added to the collections of underfunded museum photographic collections.

Friday, February 14, 2020

dnj Gallery artist -- Karen Amy Finkel Fishof

One Day, 2018

dnj Artist, Karen Amy Finkel Fishof is installed in the exhibition "Into The Light", at the Orange Coast Center for Contemporary Arts.  It is held from February 1st - March 31st.

Fishof produces large scale, life size photograms. The camera less medium, captures images with no negative, bringing to life silhouttes of the people and objects she photographs. There is a serendipitous and tactile nature to her work- since the objects and people she photographs lay across the photo paper to capture the image. Fishof creates a unique type of intimacy than reminds us of our relationship to the objects around us and how they define us. 

Saturday, January 25, 2020

dnj Gallery Artist - Sarah Hadley

"First, I was thrilled to learn that Lost Venice was named as one of the Best Books of 2019 by Elizabeth Avedon. I sat down with the masterful interviewer Ibarionex Perello for a conversation about my personal and professional life on his wonderful podcast The Candid Frame. And just last week, Douglas Stockdale wrote a lovely review of Lost Venice in the PhotoBook Journal." - Sarah Hadley

*Sarah Hadley will show her project, "Storylines", in an exhibition on March 7.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Opening Reception - "The Path of Darryl Curran: from the 1960s - the present (and the Origins of Conceptual Photography)"

Saturday, January 11th, 2020

Darryl J. Curran is one of the major conceptualists of Southern California photography, and this exhibition recognizes his place at the forefront of the movement. He introduced the word conceptualism to our vocabulary, allowing an intellectual type of reasoning to be included in our art making. Borrowing from current trends and developments, he offers further, affected associations with cultural icons. Curran’s artwork demonstrates seeing and vision, capturing the ideas in the process -- in the midst of their expression. He combines images and found pictures, presents relationships and memories, and creates juxtapositions that encourage reflection and ask consequential questions. As a result, his pieces are not only visually pleasing, but thought provoking and timeless as well. 

For the past fifty years Darryl Curran has sought to expand the definition of ‘photography’ to include experiments of the medium in its many forms, including camera and film, light as subject, camera-less image-making, obsolete photographic printing processes and scanner as camera. His work is about the act of discovery. “Creating photographs in this manner encourages inaccuracy and serendipity,” as Curran explains. His photographic tests explore both commercial and historical processes, as well as an unorthodox approach to image, size, color and content.